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Yogi Bear

I’m not a true yogi.  I think I’m more like Yogi Bear.  I’d prefer a picnic basket to Child’s Pose any day.  😉 Last night I was lacking energy and motivation yet still wanted to get a workout in.  One OnDemand search later and I was rolling out my yoga mat for 30 minutes of […]

Crane Pose

Kate and Tina did a great job organizing Yoga Pose May. I was assigned the Crane Pose so I immediately headed to Yoga Journal for information. My Crane doesn’t look exactly like the model on Yoga Journal, but I think I came close. 😉 How to do the Crane Pose Squat down with your inner […]

Raffa Yoga

I know I missed photos of a lot of bits and bites throughout yesterday afternoon/evening.  Running 11.5 miles took a lot out of me and I made sure to eat properly and refuel. I used my parents’ leftovers and made a Taco Salad. Mmm, mixed up, messy, and ready to eat.  Taco salads are one […]


I love love love Nasoya’s cubed tofu when it’s mixed with pasta and vegetables.  I heated the tofu with a bit of sauce and green peppers while my gnocchetti pasta was boiling. Hmm, I wonder why it seems like I’m always cleaning..  Jared emptied his junk drawer to find the receipt for the space heaters […]