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Toilet Monster

Jared and I were both in the bathroom, getting ready for work.  I was doing my makeup and he was adding too much product to his hair.  😛  Typical am routine. When suddenly there was a LOUD bubbling.  And lots of gurgling.  I got a little bit scared.  Rumbling and then… An explosion of suds?!?! […]

South End Athletic Company

I’m glad I chose to go to spin class.  Within 20 minutes, my Gruve indicated that I had reached my goal calorie burn for the day.  Go me!  I tried to crank the resistance up whenever possible, really climbing those hills, and keep my cadence with the music.  But for some reason I didn’t feel […]


“This one time I fit five dollars up my butt and, not to brag or nothing, but I bet I could fit way more up there. Way more! Easy!” -Chad Linus in 2gether Anyone remember the movie 2gether that was on MTV back in the day?!? U + Me = Us!  I know my calculus! […]

It’s Waffle Time!

(sung to the tune of “It’s Business Time” from Flight of the Conchords) Usually Jared is the one who sings “It’s Waffle Time,” but today it was my turn.  I made 2 whole grain waffles and topped them with peanut butter, cranberry apple butter, and slices of a fresh banana.  It was yummy and very […]