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Honey, I’m Home

It feels awesome to be back in my cozy apartment with my fat little dog!  And it’s weird to be back from a vacation and feel SO well rested.  I normally come home from trips feeling exhausted, like I need to take a vacation and relax. A photo from Valentine’s Day, aww.  It was a [...]

Another Day in Paradise

Just another day for Jared and me in paradise… Jared and I ran for 25 minutes.  Not bad for his 1st Half Marathon training run and the fact that he really needs new sneakers.  We ran 15 minutes away from the hotel, turned around, and should’ve run 15 minutes back.  But I guess we were [...]

Still Hard at Work

Even though I’m on vacation, I’m trying to keep up with exercising.  I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  I had to set the treadmill at 10.5 mph to reach a SLOW jog so I have no idea what speed I was actually running or what distance I covered.  I did work up a [...]

La Playa

After a little too much sun yesterday (only 3 hours and 2 rounds of sunscreen I swear!), Jared and I tried to spend more time in the shade.  However we did find some time to stroll along the beach! After lunch, we attempted to go for a walk across the street form the hotel.  Everyone [...]

Hello, Vitamin D!

I don’t have much to blog about because we didn’t do much.  This is going to be the ultimate relaxation vacation! Woke up around 8 am. Breakfast at 9 am.  Mmm, mimosa! Lounge chair + book + sunshine until around 12:30 pm. Lunch at 12:45 pm.  I made a salad with mixed greens, chickpeas, cucumbers, [...]