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QT with My Family

I mixed some frozen berries and granola into my vanilla yogurt.  I think vanilla is my favorite flavor of regular yogurt.  It may not really contain less sugar, but to me, it tastes less sugary.  Just creamy and delicious! Down to the wire…  I made it over to the Museum of Science on the final […]

Wrap Phenom

I had leftover tofu mixed with red sauce so I brought it to work to make a wrap. Yeah, I’m a wrap phenom.  The thing broke apart, but I still made it work.  I ate this with a fork instead of my fingers to cut down on the mess factor. I realized that now I […]

Tofu and Fettuccine

I snacked on a Clementine x2 before I went to the gym. I’m glad so many of you commented that when you’re away from workouts, you start to miss exercise.  But that it’s ok (and sometimes necessary) to take gym breaks. I hit the treadmill for 20 minutes of walking/running, used the foam roller, and […]

Soupy Sandwich

I thought ahead and put this lunch together when I was cooking last night.  The leftovers didn’t disappoint.  Gnocchetti with green peppers and tofu. I was feeling feverish and still dealing with a sore throat so I walked on the treadmill instead of running.  I did crank up the incline and felt like I still […]


I love love love Nasoya’s cubed tofu when it’s mixed with pasta and vegetables.  I heated the tofu with a bit of sauce and green peppers while my gnocchetti pasta was boiling. Hmm, I wonder why it seems like I’m always cleaning..  Jared emptied his junk drawer to find the receipt for the space heaters […]

Monday Night Football

Just lounging in bed, watching the Pats/Saints game…and updating the blog! Pretty sure I don’t like today’s outfit.  The pants don’t fit quite right. I actually didn’t read most of your comments til after I had come back from the gym.  But I’m glad you all were pro-sauna because that’s the only thing I did.  […]

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

I read this quote on the blog Hop, Skip, and a Giant Leap.  I thought it would be great to keep it on my desk at work as a constant reminder never to give up on myself. When I got home from work, I started on dinner right away.  I made a frozen Pasta Medley […]