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Running at Night

I’ve always been an Evening Exerciser. I don’t bound out of bed in the morning, ready to hit the gym and start my day.  Normally I blindly fumble for my glasses followed by my cell phone.  I check my e-mail and relocate to the couch where I spend another 15+ minutes trying to wake up. […]

Jingle Bell Run

Merry Christmas! 😛 Did I look fun and festive for today’s Jingle Bell Run?  I thought so, and gave my outfit 2 thumbs up.  A clip and 5 bobby pins meant that giant bow wasn’t going anywhere while I was running around. A group of my friends and I ventured to Somerville this morning for […]

Matt Wins!

5K Monday came back this week, mainly due to my brother’s visit.  Matt was in town for 2 nights because he had 2 interviews and a hockey game.  Yesterday he motivated me to get my butt outta bed (it was warm and snugly at 4:30 pm and I just wanted to relax) and we went […]

5K Monday: Where’s the Finish Line?

While I was running this afternoon, I thought of a fun idea. 😀 5K Monday! Every Monday I’m going to run a 5K.  I’ll document each 5K “finish line” as well as my running stats and my thoughts on that week’s run. I always do a little bit of stretching before I run.  I’ve been […]

Run and Fun: HLS 2010

I’m NOT a morning runner.  I’m not a morning anything.  I despise waking up early.  I could curl up under my covers for hours after the sun begins to shine.  Maybe I’m lazy.  Maybe I just need lots of beauty sleep?!? But when Leslie set her alarm so she could go running at 6:30 am […]

Marathon Training Plan

My Training Plan for the Amica Marathon!!! 18 weeks of training Race day is October 17th in Newport, RI Date Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mileage 6/14-6/20 3 3 Rest 6 3 Rest Cross 15 6/21-6/27 Rest 3 3 3 7 Rest Cross 16 6/28-7/4 3 3 4 Rest 5 Rest Cross 18 […]

Harpoon 5 Miler

I don’t know what was more exciting: Running in Harpoon Brewery‘s 9th annual 5 mile race or wearing our team t-shirts for the world to see! I ate a Blueberry Raspberry Bran muffin before leaving for Harpoon Brewery. We arrived at 9 for the 10 am race so there was plenty of time for pictures. […]

Back to Work

For the past 2 days, I’ve been too distracted to read blogs.  So sorry.  I’ll catch up with my blog friends (blends) over the weekend. 😆 Yesterday I completed my paperwork.  I have a job! I’m so excited to be working as Membership Sales Advisor at HealthWorks in Chestnut Hill. I had a tasty breakfast.  […]

Shape Up RI Half Marathon

My alarm went off bright and early at 5:30 am.  I got up after only one snooze.  Today was an important day. Race day! I fueled for the half marathon with an English Muffin with peanut butter and a banana. Stretching out and waiting to head to the starting line. Becky’s group and our group […]

Resting and Registration

I ate a uninteresting bowl of cereal for breakfast. But the highlight of my morning was a drink I made for pre-race hydration.  I mixed a small container of G2 Gatorade, a splash of pom juice, and water.  Hydrating! I was running late and after finally getting to my parents’ house, I rushed through lunch […]