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Petit Robert

I was so excited to eat at the Kenmore Square Petit Robert location.  With a miniature Eiffel Tower outside the restaurant, I was ready to be transported back to Paris, if only for one meal. Natalie told me that Petit Robert Bistro is the most authentic French food in Boston.  She would know: Her father […]

the Cheesecake Factory

When it comes to gift cards, I’m a hoarder.  I received approximately 8 gift cards for Christmas.  I’ve only used one!  It’s a good thing they don’t expire. Tonight Jared and I finally used a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed a nice meal out and about after hiding from the storm all […]

Boston Food Bloggers Bash

I went to the Gallows last night for the Boston Food Bloggers Launch Party with Urbanspoon. There are so many food bloggers in Boston!  I met quite a few new people, and saw a few familiar faces.  Including my college adviser who is now a low-carb food blogger.  What a small world! SoCo Creamery was […]

This City Never Sleeps

New York is known as the City the Doesn’t Sleep.  It’s a good thing I took a nap on Wednesday afternoon.  I was well prepared for a night out and about. Natalie‘s good friend Ann came to join us for an evening out in NYC’s Soho neighborhood. Our first stop? The Standard Hotel!  Jesse wanted […]

Le Pain Quotidien

I fell in love with NYC’s Le Pain Quotidien.  In fact, during my 3 day trip, I ate there twice. One giant cup of Cafe au Lait please! I was also obsessed with the Tartines, petite open faced sandwiches that made the most delicious and filling lunches both times I dined. Natalie enjoyed the Ricotta […]

Eataly New York

When my friend Natalie and I arrived in New York City yesterday afternoon, we were starving.  A four hour bus ride and 20 minute walk to your friend’s apartment will really make you hungry.  😉 Once we had unpacked and settled in, our new resident New Yorker Jesse suggested lunch at Eataly. I was in […]

Mela: Modern Indian Cuisine

My brother turned 24 on December 12th and as a birthday present, Jared and I offered to take him out to dinner.  I told him that he could choose any restaurant he wanted.  I was grateful that Matt told me I could decide.  I had a craving for Indian food and wanted to dine at […]

The Cottage Wellesley

I don’t get out much. Well, ok… Let me correct myself:  I’m always out and about, but I rarely leave the South End/Back Bay area of Boston!  If it’s more than a 15 minute walk, T ride, or cab drive away, forget it.  😉 Earlier this week, Jared and I received a dinner invite that […]

Brunch at Aquitaine

I love going out to brunch.  To me, brunching means sleeping late, ordering a delicious meal, chatting with friends and trying to remember the shenanigans of the night before, and sipping on an alcoholic beverage to cure the hangover. 😉 For our brunch at Aquitaine, we started with a round of Mimosas for the table. […]

Redbones BBQ

Early last week, one of my friends suggested a group outing at Redbones Barbecue in Somerville,  MA. One by one, the RSVPs trickled in and the party grew larger.  By the end of the week, one of the guys had even created an online game to race to see how many ribs you could “plow.” […]