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A late afternoon business meeting left my mind racing with ideas.  Lots of excitement and things to do!  So when I walked into the grocery store to buy dinner, I was expecting a struggle.  I had bigger and better things on my mind than trying to decide what to cook for the evening meal. I […]

I’m on a Boat?!?!

I sort of feel like I’m on a boat. Here in Boston we’re about ready to float away! Around 9:30 last night, Jared noticed that the basement had flooded.  The entire thing was covered with 3 inches of dirty DIRTY water. We used the basement to store junk and lots of empty boxes that need […]

Blog Valentine

I’ve really missed making yogurt and peanut butter blends for breakfast.  After so many days without this typical morning meal, this was delicious!  That scoop of PB for protein and substance helps my breakfast keep me full for so much longer. 2 leftover slices of Upper Crust pizza for lunch.  I reheated them in the […]

Blades of Glory

This pizza from the Upper Crust had to make a repeat appearance.  So fresh and delicious! Corgis really like pizza.  I felt bad telling him that it’s not for dogs. I ate one too many pieces, but I knew I needed to have enough energy to make it through an hour of public skating at […]

Rest and Recovery

Yesterday was all about resting and recovering, not just from New Year’s Eve but also from all of the exhausting holiday travels.  I don’t even want to admit what time I finally rolled out of bed.  But I did enjoy my leftover veggie wrap from lunch the day before.  Plus some Food Should Taste Good […]

California Pizza Kitchen

Fun Holiday Movie Quote: “I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.” –Elf Thanks for leaving some feedback about whether or not you think it’s ok for girls to work out in sports bras.  I didn’t […]

Just Some Eats

Friday night pizza from Bostone Saturday morning stove top oats with: 1 cup of water 1/2 cup of oatmeal 1 teaspoon of blueberry flax seed 1 teaspoon of brown sugar squirt of maple syrup 3 shredded dried apple slices 1 tablespoon of Cinnamon Swirl peanut butter Burger and fries from B. Good Love these french […]


I did a short strength circuit at the gym today.  Pushups, squats with 10 pound weights, alternating overhead presses, and abs.  I went through the circuit 3 times in 20 minutes.  Then I used the foam roller. I was inspired by Rachel on Glee.  She always wears short dresses or skirts with cute flats.  Since […]

My Weekend, All in One Post

Saturday… Kashi cereal topped with pomegranate arils.  I had completely forgotten my pom in the fridge.  Thankfully Jared’s mom reminded me, cuz the arils added a nice flavor to my breakfast. Jared and I hit the road at 10:15 am.  We made a pit stop near Utica, NY at noon and each got a slice […]

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday before we left to go to my parents’ house in Blackstone, I snacked on a PB&J. I was really happy to spend the day at home. I went to the nursing home to visit my grandmother.  She was really funny:  She’s been having dreams that I’m getting married so as soon as I walked […]