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Proof in Pictures

Cursed salad that resulted in my chipped tooth! Pointing out the problem area. (Also see this picture in the dictionary under the definition for “Hot Mess”)  Yikes, my bathroom mirror is dirty.  Guess I should clean that! Nice chunk missing out of my front tooth.  Good thing my mom was at the office when I […]

An Apple a Day

I refused to open my laptop while Glee was on.  But at least I photographed my nibble of Newman’s Own Organics Milk Chocolate.  Mmm, But definitely not for dogs!) Glee was great!  I laughed; I almost cried.  I can’t wait for it to return in the spring.  I’m sure I’ll get the DVD as soon […]

A Few Missing Posts

aka “Melissa Forgets Her USB Cable at Work” Yeah, I left my cable at work last night so I couldn’t post anything.  Sorry sorry sorry for the delay! When I got to work yesterday, I snacked on a 2nd Clementine. I was starving at 11 am so I gobbled down leftover chicken, couscous, and asparagus. […]

Gleeful Evening

I used my lunch break to run an errand and then I went to the gym to hang out in the sauna.  15 minutes of total relaxation.  I lied on the upper bench and closed my eyes.  I was a little bit more successful at quieting the noise in my head, and my stomach started […]

Simple Things

I decided to change things up while still sticking to my training schedule for my workout today.  I sat in the sauna for 10 minutes pre-workout to stretch and clear my head.  I tried to relax but it’s tough to shut off my thoughts.  My mind is full of chitter chatter, ideas and plans keep […]

Friday Faces

I kept breakfast quick and simple this morning by having a bowl of Cinnamon Puffins. This is my Friday Morning Face.  Guzzling coffee on the drive to work. I brought some Newman’s Own Organics organic apples to snack on at work. Here are some dried apple slices and my Excel spreadsheet of blogs to read.  […]

A to Z

I ate several small random snacks throughout the day.  I probably didn’t eat enough but I never got really hungry because I drank a lot of coffee this morning.  (1st snack was an un-photographed bagel chips with Laughing Cow cheese) From an Apple… To a Z bar!!! I almost skipped the gym today so I […]