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The Buttery’s Cupcakes

Yesterday I was a little bit sad to eat the last of my Food Should Taste Good yellow corn chips. But happy to try a new sandwich for lunch:  Homemade veggie cream cheese, green peppers, and lettuce on wheat bread.  I really liked it! Instead of taking a lunch break during the day, I worked […]

Hungry Yogi

I was ready for lunch by noon.  I tried a sample of Yogi walnut spice crunch cereal I had gotten from HealthWorks a few months ago. I blended the cereal into a container of strawberry Chobani.  Mmm!  I don’t know why I’d been saving this sample for over a month.  This cereal is a little […]

Read, Sweat, Snack

I hit the gym for 30 minutes of pedaling on the recumbent bike.  While I worked out, I read Eat Pray Love. I’m really liking this book, though I’m still in the first of three sections.  I can’t wait to finish and give it my full review.  Also can’t wait to watch the movie version […]

Packing Up and Moving On

I started my day with a sesame bagel w/ veggie cream cheese and an ice coffee. Maybe I wanted a cold drink to match the cold weather outside?  I love how our Christmas tree looks, snow covered and sitting on the deck.  I didn’t think we’d be enjoying it this long after the holidays. Miles […]

Rest and Recovery

Yesterday was all about resting and recovering, not just from New Year’s Eve but also from all of the exhausting holiday travels.  I don’t even want to admit what time I finally rolled out of bed.  But I did enjoy my leftover veggie wrap from lunch the day before.  Plus some Food Should Taste Good […]

Food Should Taste Good

I made the most amazing sandwich!  An Arnold Thin with ground turkey (yup, leftover from last night’s tacos), cucumbers, cheese, and sprouts.  As soon as I took the last bite, I wished I had made a 2nd one.  I also tried my first bag of chips from Food Should Taste Good.  Thank you to their […]