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Ketchup Blog

I need to play catch up, or ketchup… wait til you see my burger photos, cuz my blog has fallen a bit behind. I attended the Ehlers Estate Tasting at the Mandarin Oriental. Check out my recap on the Boston Day Book! I spent ALL day on Tuesday doing laundry.  Then I spent Wednesday and […]

Jared’s Favorite Holiday

Super Bowl Sunday: the holiest of holy days for a football fan.  Jared was psyched to host a party at our apartment so he could cook a ton of chili, buy a case of beer, and watch the big game surrounded by friends. Earlier on Sunday afternoon, I received a Direct Message on Twitter from […]

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I felt like I was kicking ass and taking names.  I crossed a bunch of things off of my To Do list.  I ran errands.  I took a spin class and went out to dinner with friends. Today was a completely different story… After running yesterday’s errands that forced me to crisscross my Boston […]

Cozy Weekend

Nothing compares to the loungy-lazy feeling of a Saturday and Sunday. Since mid-week, the arch of my left foot was really sore.  I decided to take it easy and not do any major exercising all weekend.  I did some at-home workouts: push ups, crunches,  balance board, etc. I ate tons of leftover Maggiano’s after Thursday […]

What I Wore

What I Wore… Because I was Tired of Wearing Snow Boots When: Thursday, January 27th Where: Dinner at Maggiano’s with my mom’s coworkers What:Striped flowy shirt (Anthropologie), denim leggings (Madewell 1937), gray boots (Frye), multi-strand pearl necklace (J. Crew Outlet), cream colored scarf (GAP) What I Wore… Because I Can’t Wear Sweats Out for Drinks […]

Mom Spends the Night

My mom needed to be in Boston for a dental conference on Thursday and Friday.  Between the impending snow storm forecast for Wednesday night and her early class on Thursday morning, she asked if she could spend Wednesday night at my apartment to make her AM commute much easier. It’s my mom…  How could I […]

On the Couch

I didn’t leave the apartment at all today.  It’s FRIGID outside and it’s only going to get colder.  What?!?! Jared said it was too cold for me to walk to the gym.  I wasn’t going to argue with him.  I stayed in our cozy apartment, watched TV, used my Balance Board during TV commercials, and […]

Wild Animals

Breakfast: Plain bagel with veggie cream cheese and an ice coffee from the Appleton Street Bakery Lunch: Cucumber wontons and a few chocolates Dinner: Pad Thai with chicken and a bottle of 2009 Domaine du Chateau d’Eau Pinot Noir Exercise: 20 minutes on the Stepmill and a quick 1 mile run (treadmill set at 7.5 […]

Boston Food Bloggers Bash

I went to the Gallows last night for the Boston Food Bloggers Launch Party with Urbanspoon. There are so many food bloggers in Boston!  I met quite a few new people, and saw a few familiar faces.  Including my college adviser who is now a low-carb food blogger.  What a small world! SoCo Creamery was […]

Snowfall and Pizza Pie

Yesterday it snowed.  A lot. I ate pizza.  A lot.  I had pizza for lunch and then leftovers for dinner! It was a good day! When I woke up yesterday morning, I wasn’t surprised to see snow on the ground.  The news had been forecasting the storm for days.  I spent my morning holed up […]