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Charlie Brown

Fun Holiday Movie Quote: “Rats. Nobody sent me a Christmas card today. I almost wish there weren’t a holiday season. I know nobody likes me. Why do we have to have a holiday season to emphasize it?” –A Charlie Brown Christmas I drank a cup of Costa Rica LaMinita coffee from Boston Common Coffee on […]

Workin for the Weekend

Most of you in the Blog World like to celebrate Cookie Friday.  So I thought I’d change things up just a little bit and observe Cake Friday.  Okk, well Clif Bar cake anyway. Here’s the before photo of my taco salad. Shake, shake, shake…  And after!  Spinach, cucumbers, corn, sprouts, ground turkey, cheddar cheese, Ranch […]

Chill in the Air

Sorry for ranting about the Crazy Lady at the gym.  Now back to exercise and eats! I did a circuit mishmash for about 30 minutes.  I went through the circuit 4 times doing reverse lunges, alternating overhead presses, and an abdominal exercise each time through.  I also added in random exercises in between.  My legs […]

Monday Night Football

Just lounging in bed, watching the Pats/Saints game…and updating the blog! Pretty sure I don’t like today’s outfit.  The pants don’t fit quite right. I actually didn’t read most of your comments til after I had come back from the gym.  But I’m glad you all were pro-sauna because that’s the only thing I did.  […]

Another Holiday Clif Bar

I tried a Cranberry Orange Nut Bread flavored Clif bar.  Another seasonal delight! This bar was so good and tasted just like the name described.  There was a subtle orange flavor plus lots of cranberry nut bread goodness.  I’m going to double check my snack drawer, but I’m pretty sure I bought another one of […]


Strawberries for a snack. Sandwich with vegetable hummus, carrots, cucumbers, and greens.  Plus a bag of Sunchips! Yes, yes I wore Ugg boots to work today. And yes, they are old and stinky but they are WARM and so comfy. I didn’t plan any of my workouts this week.  I have some idea of what […]

Thursday is the New Friday

Not to brag…  I’m not going to work tomorrow!  Woohoo, I’m using a vacation day to hang out around the apartment and do NOTHING.  Well, not really nothing:  I’ll clean, hit the gym, walk Miles, and sleep-in. We’re meeting friends at Whiskeys for wings and then going to a sing-along at the Squealing Pig in […]

Soupy Sales

But much less funny than the actual comedian. Corn VitaMuffin with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter…OMG holy goodness!  I only bought a 99 cent packet of the AB, but I should just splurge and get a jar. A peek inside my Cream Cheese and Pumpkin Butter sandwich.  It was ok.  In sandwich form, I prefer cream […]

Wild Wings

I was really proud of today’s outfit for several reasons. I bought the dark pink silk dress on super sale.  It’s a summer dress, but it can definitely be made winter appropriate. I have so many pieces of clothing that I buy and then don’t wear.  Especially if they’re dry clean only!  I’m pretty sure […]

Does America run on Dunkin?

I don’t know about the rest of my fellow citizens, but I sure do! I ate Chobani while I got ready for work.  Once I got to the office, I ate the rest of my fresh strawberries, but forgot to take a photo.  I felt like I was dragging a little bit so I asked […]