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How Melissa Got Her Groove Back

Just like Stella, I finally have my groove back. Ok wait, I actually mean that I finally have my Gruve back! My Gruve has been MIA since Friday afternoon.  I was really worried that I had dropped it at the gym or in the dressing room during Friday’s lunch time shopping spree.  Last night I […]

A Spectacular Saturday

Apple banana bread to fuel pre-run. I joined a group of friends and went to the South End Athletic Company for their Saturday long run.  Between the headwind and the last of my head cold, it wasn’t a good run.  I probably could’ve pushed myself to stay with the group, but Jared ate too much […]

When Allergies Attack

My allergies totally destroyed my appetite.  I never even felt hungry today.  I just ate because I knew I needed to. I ate a container of pineapple Chobani for lunch. Mmmm.  I think I liked it a lot.  But when my nose isn’t super stuffy, I’ll have to do a better flavor taste test. I […]

Cheering Up

Was it hard to stay in a bad mood when my dinner looked like this? Yesssss….  Brown rice smooshed into the shape of a heart, chicken, and broccoli. Plus I couldn’t be too cranky while sipping glass of Mark West Pinot Noir. Aww, that’s love. I became a little less bitter while snacking on Chocolate […]

It’s a POM Wonderful Day

Even though we ate our dessert first (remember I had JP Licks fro-yo as soon as I finish my run last night?!?), Jared insisted on making dinner when we got home from grocery shopping.  He made Annie’s version of hamburger helper.  I topped my spinach with French dressing to go with the green and orange […]

Wait, it’s Wednesday

All day I’ve ben thinking it’s Thursday.  I called home thinking my mom would be around to talk cuz she’s off on Thursdays.  Nope.  I was looking forward to a new episode of the Office.  Nope.  Gotta wait til tomorrow! I made a Chobani blend for breakfast.  I blended cranberry apple butter into plain Greek […]

All in a Day’s Eats

For a bedtime snack, I had some French bread and olive oil. Here’s what my instant oatmeal actually looked like.  Less delicious looking than Quaker’s photo; mine were too watery.  I beefed it up by adding extra raisins. I snacked on baby carrots dipped in Laughing Cow cheese. For lunch I ate each Arnold Thin […]

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

For breakfast, I chose to eat another container of vanilla Chobani.  This time I added a little less granola and a spoonful of peanut butter. Like breakfast, my lunch was ALMOST exactly the same as yesterday.  I ate another leftover cheeseburger, but this time I had a few tortilla chips on the side instead of […]

Training Day #1

I ate vanilla Chobani and trail mix when I got to the office. I brought a leftover cheeseburger for lunch.  I ate the burger with baby carrots on the side. Today was officially Training Day #1 for the Willow Tree Half Marathon.  12 weeks to go!  I used this training schedule to create something that […]

Seeing Red

Jared had to stay late at work and I knew I couldn’t wait too long for tapas.  So I made a yogurt creation out of plain Chobani, brown sugar, and Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter.  It was pretty good and helped me wait until almost 8 pm to head to Masa. Masa was SO crowded […]