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Harpoon 5 Miler

I don’t know what was more exciting: Running in Harpoon Brewery‘s 9th annual 5 mile race or wearing our team t-shirts for the world to see! I ate a Blueberry Raspberry Bran muffin before leaving for Harpoon Brewery. We arrived at 9 for the 10 am race so there was plenty of time for pictures. […]

Harpoon Brewery tour

After lunch in the North End, our walking tour of Boston led us back to the Seaport for our tour at Harpoon Brewery. So. Much. Good. Beer! Jars of barley and hops were passed around for everyone to smell.  We were told that anyone brave enough could try a bite. All my guy friends tried […]

Peak Organic Beer

Yesterday felt like the right day for working out:  I went back to my favorite Body Pump class at the Chestnut Hill HealthWorks. I hadn’t been to Body Pump in such a long time, and my muscles definitely reminded me of this fact. I kept the weights low so I wouldn’t overdo it.  I just […]

Wine Riot

After the Sports and Fitness Expo, Becky and I got ready for Wine Riot. We headed to the Cyclorama for some tasty sips. Plus Cabot cheese to go with the wine.  Mmmm! I even tried Malbec in a Box. Riesling, the ultimate girly girl wine! Overall, I was a bit underwhelmed by Wine Riot.  I […]

You Win Some and You Lose Some

Boston College skated to victory over Miami and earned a spot in the NCAA hockey finals on Saturday.  Go Eagles!!!! RIT played well showed up for their game.  They lost to Wisconsin.  It wasn’t a good game, but I supported Jared’s school never the less. Now a recap of yesterday afternoon and evening.  Get psyched […]

Belgian Pale Ale Tasting

I’m going to miss Body Pump 72.  This final week definitely worked my muscles.  My poor mom sliced her thumb while changing the weights on her bar and missed half of the bicep track to go get a band aid.  Despite the minor injury, I’m really proud that my mom increased her weight for a […]


Friday… Celebrated Halloween Eve with some pumpkin coffee from DD. I snacked on crackers with Laughing Cow cheese. We had a Halloween Party at work.  They handed out cookies that looked eerily similar… …to Miles’ dog treats! Dinner was BBQ chicken and a baked potato topped with cheddar cheese and plain Chobani. We celebrated the […]

You Came in With the Breeze

On Sunday morning You sure have changed since yesterday Without any warning I thought I knew you I thought I knew you I thought I knew you well. . . so well (Love No Doubt) I had a cup of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee when I woke up this morning.  Thanks to Daylight Savings, I […]

Spooky Scary

In the spirit of Halloween, I made my first batch of pumpkin oatmeal. I mixed 1/2 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar, and a heaping tablespoon of pumpkin.  I topped it with a dollop of cream cheese that tasted amazing when blended into the bowl.  So yummy! Beautiful autumn day in Boston!!!  It’s typically […]


Making Ranch dip The yard is decorated Dessert tray Tortilla chips and salsa Keg of Harpoon Octoberfest Happy Fall! Trying another type of pumpkin ale Foamy beer Matt threw a BBQ knife into the tree! How many guys does it take to start a fire? Drew’s Stein Bratwurst topped with ketchup and homemade sauerkraut Buffalo […]