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What I Wore

What I Wore… Shopping til I Dropped

  • When: Friday, December 16th
  • Where: Christmas shopping at the Wrentham Outlets
  • What: Purple floral blouse (GAP), green cardigan (J. Crew outlet), denim leggings (Madewell), Veronica boots (Frye), green jacket (J. Crew outlet)

An Elephant Never Forgets

Just when it was starting to seem like I forgot about this little old blog, here I am!

I’ve been wrapped up in the spirit of the season!

Celebrating the birth of my cousin’s son and my other cousin’s engagement. Decorating gingerbread houses, dressing in tacky holiday sweaters, watching the Nutcracker ballet, shopping for the perfect presents. 😀

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a Merry and Bright Holiday Season!


~Melissa and Jared~

What I Wore

What I Wore… Big Surprise!

  • When: Saturday December 10th
  • Where: Dark Horse Tavern in Philadelphia, PA for a surprise birthday party
  • What: White embroidered blouse (J. Crew), green cable knit cardigan (Ralph Lauren), denim leggings (Madewell), brown boots (Frye), bangle bracelets (Alex and Ani)

What I Wore

What I Wore… Ladies Day Out

  • When: Thursday December 8
  • Where: Shopping and lunch with my mom and a family friend
  • What: Purple plaid button down (J. Crew outlet), brown cardigan (Banana Republic), skinny jeans, brown boots (Frye)

What I Wore

What I Wore… Dress as a Skirt

  • When: Tuesday December 6th
  • Where: Errands in Boston and party at Skoah
  • What: Sheer striped sweater (Madewell), denim dress (Urban Outfitters), studded belt (Madewell), black tights (J. Crew outlet), grey wool socks (Target), boots (Madewell)

I’m not going to pretend to be the most creative blogger in the bunch. But after seeing so many fashionable ladies wearing pullover sweaters with dresses and transforming their dresses into skirts, I decided that was a look I could manage. 😉

What I Wore

What I Wore… Merry and Bright

  • When: Sunday December 4th
  • Where: Visiting my Grandma at the nursing home and getting the family Christmas Tree
  • What: Grey plaid flannel shirt (J. Crew outlet), red hooded sweater (Madewell), rail straight jeans (Madewell), “cormorant” rubber slip on (Sperry), large pearl earrings (North River Outfitter)

What I Wore

What I Wore… Granny Glasses

  • When: Friday December 2nd
  • Where: Gingerbread Decorating Party with friends
  • What: Black turtleneck (GAP), argyle sweater (J. Crew), toothpick jeans (J. Crew outlet), eyeglasses necklace (Kate Spade), black boots (Madewell)

What I Wore

What I Wore… Crazy for Pendleton

  • When: Thursday December 1st
  • Where: Christmas shopping with Mom then a night out in Boston (drinks at Luckys, dinner at the Barking Crab, and drinks at Drink)
  • What: Grey turtleneck sweater (Banana Republic), denim leggings (American Eagle outlet), Pendleton jacket (Eddie Bauer), boots (Vintage brand c/o Shoeline.com)

Are you a fan of Pendleton Woolen Mills? Pendleton has been making 100% wool clothing and blankets for over 140 years. Pendleton is known for its intricate patterns of Native American blankets that are inspired by ancient designs and legends.

What I Wore

What I Wore… Because I was Helping to Raise Funds

  • When: Sunday November 27th
  • Where: Fundraiser for Prestige Fitness & Gymnastics Center at Dave’s Bar and Grill in Warwick, RI
  • What: Grey striped sweater (Ann Taylor outlet), toothpick jeans (J. Crew outlet), golden yellow scarf (gift from Paris), brown boots (Frye), bangles (Alex and Ani)

How many times do you wear a pair of jeans before putting them in the wash? When you find a style of jeans that fits great, do you stock up? I’ve noticed that I often write about the same 2 brands of jeans over and over. While I will wear a pair 2 or 3 times before washing, let it be known that I’m not wearing the same exact pair over and over again. 😛

I have at least 3 pairs of toothpick jeans from the J. Crew outlet and several more pairs of jeans from Madewell. At just under 5’4, it’s difficult to find jeans with a short inseam. I’m too lazy and cheap to get my jeans hemmed. J. Crew’s cropped toothpick jeans work perfectly with flats and they’re fitted enough to tuck into my boots. Madwell’s jeans are affordable and certain styles are available in shorter lengths. Maybe some day I’ll venture into the world of designer jeans and tailoring, but for now I’m ok with repeating my current favorites.