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{For so many people, places, and things in my life.}

I’m thankful each and every day, but on a day like today, Thanksgiving Day, I really need to shout it from the rooftop. Thanks!!!!

Crypt Walking

Jared and I dressed as zombies for Halloween. I had so much fun making our skin pasty pale, adding layers of dark eyeshadow and lines of black eyeliner, and dripping fake blood from the corners of our mouths. I ratted my hair and shredded my tights. Jared dressed in aripped up old shirt. Wearing comfy combat boots all night, I perfected my Crypt Walk and dragged one leg behind me like I was an extra from the Thriller video.

Jared didn’t look too creepy. More like a guy who’s just sad to be un-dead.

This face will haunt you!

(When I came out of the bathroom stall, the ladies waiting in line told me that I looked really scary. Awesome! That’s the best compliment that a zombie can receive.)

A zombie with a Marc Jacob’s purse?!?! Yup, a girl still needs to look good- even when she’s gory!

We went to a charity Halloween party housed in a former church. I climbed over a few rows of pews on the balcony to stake out the best spot for people watching. So many creative costumes! And much too many Sexy Cats, the 20-something’s best excuse to skip around in her tightest spandex and a headband with little ears taped on. With a live band, tables piled with snack food, and Open Bar, this Halloween event was a blast.

And watching my brother dance on stage while dressed as Justin Bieber was hysterical, and the highlight of the evening!

What I Wore: A Few More Outfits

  • What I Wore: Blue gingham button down (Vineyard Vines), maroon polka dot sweater (J. Crew), matchstick jeans (J. Crew outlet), leopard wedges (J. Crew)

  • What I Wore: Red hooded sweater (Madewell), denim leggings (American Eagle outlet), red tassel loafers (J. Crew)

  • What I Wore: Yellow striped long sleeve t-shirt (J. Crew), herringbone blazer (J. Crew outlet), peach corduroys (J. Crew outlet), aztec print scarf (Forever 21), wedge boots (J. Crew)

  • What I Wore: Oversized sweater, black skinny jeans (Madewell), black scarf (street market in London), black boots (Madewell)
  • After my BRIGHT outfit the day before, I decided to scale it back and wear something much more understated. I think my coworkers’ burnt retinas appreciated it. 😉

What I Wore: A Week’s Worth of Outfits

  • When: Monday, October 22nd
  • What I Wore: Red button down (J. Crew), grey cableknit sweater (J. Crew outlet), jeans, black ankle boots (Madewell), necklace (store in Portland, ME)

  • When: Tuesday, October 23rd
  • What I Wore: Pink/white striped long sleeve t-shirt (J. Crew outlet), herringbone blazer (J. Crew outlet), purple corduroy pants (Banana Republic), tan heels (Banana Republic)

  • When: Wednesday, October 24th
  • What I Wore: Black/white striped dress (Madewell), black patterned tights (J. Crew outlet), black ankle boots (Madewell), royal blue scarf

  • When: Thursday, October 25th
  • What I Wore: Red dress (J. Crew outlet), leopard cardigan (J. Crew), red heels (J. Crew)
  • This dress has an asymmetrical neckline and cute cap sleeves. It will look a lot nicer in the spring/summer when I don’t need to cover up with a cardigan to stay warm.

  • When: Friday, October 26th
  • What I Wore: Purple long sleeve t-shirt (J. Crew outlet), aztec print cardigan (BB Dakota via Shopbop), jeans, brown braided belt, boots (Frye), glasses (Warby Parker)

To My Husband

To My Husband,

Thank you for making me laugh til my stomach hurts each and every day. You’re goofy and silly; don’t ever change. You don’t take life too seriously. I’m trying to learn from you. I hope our marriage is filled with love and laughter for years to come.

I love you!


Your Wife

The Passing of Time

I can’t believe November is halfway over and this is the first time I’m typing a blog post.

I love my little blog as a way to record what I wore, how I ate and exercised, and personal memories. These past 2 weeks have been crazy, filled with travel, hours at the office, and lots of fun.

  • Celebrating Halloween by dressing as a Zombie
  • Spending 2 days at home as Hurricane Sandy stormed through the northeast
  • Participating in a Halloween decorating contest at work and winning a free lunch with 5 other team members
  • Wine tasting in NY’s Finger Lakes
  • Traveling to New Orleans for a long weekend of beads, booze, and Bourbon Street
  • Learning that our wedding will be featured in a magazine
  • Securing an apartment in Boston as of 1/1/2013
  • Booking 2 mini-vacations

There have been good days and not-so-good days, but I prefer to focus on remembering the happiest times.

What I Wore: Steinfest IV

What I Wore… Our Fourth Annual Steinfest Celebration

  • When: Saturday, October 20th
  • Where: Steinfest IV, our annual Oktoberfest themed party
  • What: Yellow striped button down (Madewell), graphic t-shirt (Epcot Germany), jean shorts (Madewell), leather flip flops (Rainbow)

What I Wore: Rawr!

What I Wore: Rawr

{According to UrbanDictionary, “rawr” means “I love you” in Dinosaur!}

  • When: Friday, October 5th
  • Where: Work and then drinks at the Oak Room in the Fairmont Copley hotel
  • What: Striped button down (J. Crew outlet), leopard print sweater (J. Crew outlet), cropped toothpick jeans (J. Crew outlet), black flats (Tory Burch)

What I Wore: Springtime Skirt

What I Wore… When October Weather Allows for a Springtime Skirt

  • When: Thursday, October 4th
  • Where: Yup, another day at work
  • What: Striped long shirt t-shirt (J. Crew outlet), purple floral skirt (Urban Outfitters), tan belt (J. Crew outlet), pink cardigan (J. Crew outlet), tan flats (Frye)

What I Wore: Black and Blue

What I Wore… Black & Blue

  • When: Wednesday, October 3
  • Where: Work
  • What: Black and white striped top (J. Crew outlet), royal blue cardigan (Barneys outlet), black jeans (Madewell), black ankle boots (Madewell)