More Creative Options for Your Houston, TX Wedding Catering Selections

Wedding Catering Variety of Fresh Options

It is a matter of months, weeks and days before you walk the aisle and tie the knot. There are many things that you have planned like the dress, venue, transport, flowers, cakes and many more. However, there is one important factor that will make or break the reception, the food selection. If you are worried about your food selections for the wedding then it is imperative that you call a professional help.

Your provider of wedding catering in Houston, TX will always be there to assist. The advantage of having an experienced caterer is you get to enjoy many ideas on how to make the wedding reception more enjoyable for the guests. Here are the best compiled suggestions just for you:

Wedding CateringTake home boxes setup

Do you want to treat the foodies in your reception? If yes then the celebration does not end in the reception area. You can send them home now by giving take home boxes that has cakes and other foods from the reception. This is a perfect present for guests who are coming from far locations. IT can be a good midnight snack while they are staying in the hotel or while traveling back home.

Bubble bar setup

If you are setting up for an open bar then it is best if you also add a side bar featuring mixers and sparkling wine. Aside from wine, you can also add different types of juice like peach and strawberry. For non-win drinking friends, you can setup for a soda bar where they could get their vanilla infused coffee, flavored syrup drink and many more.

Dessert station in DIY setup

Dessert is something that guests should enjoy right after every meal in the reception. However, if you serve them with cliché type of desserts, they will be disappointed. To tickle their interest, why not setup a DIY dessert station for them. Let them choose whatever ingredients they want to add in their dessert. You can put sample ingredients that they can follow.

Integrating soup shooters

When you hear the word shots, the first thing that comes to mind is the beer pong you have don’t with your friends. Well, this wedding shooter is a little bit different as it is served as hors d’oeuvres. Soup shooters can be soup made from gazpacho, basil puree, tomato, chopped veggies and many other herb garnishes. This shot sounds so healthy!

Working with a professional provider of wedding catering in Houston, TX is an important part of the planning stage. The success of your reception will always be grounded on the how the food has been served, presented and cooked.

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