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Crypt Walking

Jared and I dressed as zombies for Halloween. I had so much fun making our skin pasty pale, adding layers of dark eyeshadow and lines of black eyeliner, and dripping fake blood from the corners of our mouths. I ratted my hair and shredded my tights. Jared dressed in aripped up old shirt. Wearing comfy combat boots all night, I perfected my Crypt Walk and dragged one leg behind me like I was an extra from the Thriller video.

Jared didn’t look too creepy. More like a guy who’s just sad to be un-dead.

This face will haunt you!

(When I came out of the bathroom stall, the ladies waiting in line told me that I looked really scary. Awesome! That’s the best compliment that a zombie can receive.)

A zombie with a Marc Jacob’s purse?!?! Yup, a girl still needs to look good- even when she’s gory!

We went to a charity Halloween party housed in a former church. I climbed over a few rows of pews on the balcony to stake out the best spot for people watching. So many creative costumes! And much too many Sexy Cats, the 20-something’s best excuse to skip around in her tightest spandex and a headband with little ears taped on. With a live band, tables piled with snack food, and Open Bar, this Halloween event was a blast.

And watching my brother dance on stage while dressed as Justin Bieber was hysterical, and the highlight of the evening!

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