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Monthly Archives : March, 2011

Pizza Paradiso

Does it seem like all I did during my weekend in DC was run a race and eat??? I swear I did lots of sightseeing!  I’ll get to that soon, I promise.  But first, I have one more restaurant to tell you about. Jared and I took a cab to Georgetown on a pilgrimage to […]

Birch and Barley

555 artisanal beers! With that impressive number, there’s no surprise Jared chose Birch and Barley as our dinner destination for our date to celebrate running the National Half Marathon. We did not have reservations and were told there was an hour wait.  I was ready to give up and go somewhere else, but thankfully the […]

What I Wore

What I Wore… Because I have Gymnast Legs When: Tuesday, March 29th Where: Dinner at Mela What: Blouse (Banana Republic), denim leggings (Madewell 1937), heels (Banana Republic), lots of bracelets Hello, my name is Melissa and I have muscular thighs. 😛 I’ve been saving this coat for spring weather.  I got it a few Christmases […]

Founding Farmers

I knew Washington DC would be the perfect place for museums and monuments.  But I had no idea just how many delicious restaurants our nation’s capitol had to offer! Immediately after checking in at our hotel, Jared and I headed off in search of a lunchtime meal.  I thank my boyfriend for some brilliant online […]

What I Wore: Washington DC

What I Wore… Because Sightseeing Requires Cute Clothes When: Friday, March 25th Where: Washington DC, outside all afternoon looking at monuments What: Black winter jacket (Barneys), denim leggings (Madewell 1937), green scarf (J. Crew), boots (Madewell 1937), handbag (Jane Marvel), gloves (North Face) What You Can Learn: I got this black jacket at Barneys a […]

National Half Marathon

On Saturday March 26th, I completed my 5th half marathon.  I Ran Through History: I participated in the National Half Marathon in Washington DC. The race started at 7 am and the Metro opened at 6 am.  Race instructions warned that the Metro probably wouldn’t be the best way to reach the starting line in […]

Fal-Awfully Good

Falafel! Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been addicted.  Lunches, dinners, snacks.  Mmm!  I love those chickpea balls I made a Falafel Salad with spinach, avocado, orange pepper slices, grated cheese, Ranch dressing, and obviously falafel. It was light, healthy, and delicious.  It didn’t hurt that the salad had avocado, another one of my […]

The Ribbon Runner

I’ve decided I’m going to create a new nickname for myself… I want to be known as the Ribbon Runner! Every time I run a race, I’m going to wear a different ribbon in my hair.  I’m also going to continue to wear mascara and black eyeliner, but that’s a story for another blog post. […]

I “Heart” DC

I heart run DC!  I’m off to Washington DC to run in the National Half Marathon! Half Marathon #5 for me and I’m hoping to achieve a new personal record! Thanks Amanda, for creating these awesome customized t-shirts!  It will probably be too chilly to rock my shirt on race day but I’ll be wearing […]

The Birthday Boy

Because it’s his birthday… Because no one can resist puppies… Because I promise you’ll be smiling by the end of this post! {Corgi Puppy and Catdog} {Practicing his Fighting Skills} {Handsome Gentleman} {Guarding his Hotdog Toy} {Frog Legs} {Dirty Puppy} {Best Friends for 5 years!} Are you smiling yet?  😀