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Monthly Archives : November, 2010

Dried and Dyed

I don’t have a Christmas tree yet.  But last night I was getting nervous about not owning enough ornaments when the decorating time arrives. I decided that I’d be creative yet frugal; I’d make my own ornaments! I chose to dry slices of oranges, lemons, and limes and so I can add ornament hooks and […]

Adora Giveaway

Along with a healthy diet, a great way to maintain bone health is to make sure that you get the proper dose of calcium and Vitamin D.  By doing so, you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Adora Calcium is a dietary supplement that provides 50% of your Daily Value of calcium.  Mmm, what a […]


This year Jared and I opted to spend Thanksgiving with our very good friends.  They’re just as important as the members of our families! Matt and Natalie hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at their house in South Boston.  I was very thankful that Jared and I didn’t have to travel far to get there, just […]

Brunch at Aquitaine

I love going out to brunch.  To me, brunching means sleeping late, ordering a delicious meal, chatting with friends and trying to remember the shenanigans of the night before, and sipping on an alcoholic beverage to cure the hangover. 😉 For our brunch at Aquitaine, we started with a round of Mimosas for the table. […]

Outfits I Have Known

I used to enjoy sharing photos of my outfits with you guys.  But since I don’t have a suitable mirror or photographer, clothing shots have been absent from the blog. Earlier this week, I decided to experiment.  I spread my outfits on my bed, climbed on a tall chair, and photographed what I wore. When:  […]

Happy Thanksgiving

“Turkey for the girls and Turkey for the boys My favorite kind of pants Are corduroys Gobble gobble goo and Gobble gobble gickel I wish turkey Only cost a nickel Oh I love turkey on Thanksgiving” “Happy Thanksgiving everybody!” -Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song

Eat An Apple A Day…

But keep those doctor visits coming! I received some extremely helpful information from Harvard Pilgrim regarding adult routine preventative care recommendations.  I can’t include all of the information from the article because the blog post would be much too long and complicated, but I wanted to share an overview with you guys.  Plus it always […]

Faneuil Hall Tree Lighting

Faneuil Hall officially lit its Christmas tree on Saturday, November 20th…a little bit early to kick off the Christmas season, but I love lights and celebrations so it’s all good. I happened to be wandering around the North End around 4:30 pm on Saturday afternoon and realized there was only 1 hour until the tree […]

Training Made Personal

Last week I met with Jennifer Menzer, owner of Essential Nutrition and Fitness, for a free personal training session. We met at Saldare Body Therapy in Boston’s South End.  I’ve walked by Saldare many times and always wondered what it was all about.  Besides offering massages and muscle therapy, body treatments, and waxing, Saldare also […]

Focus on Food

I’m not a food blogger.  I’m just someone who occasionally blogs about food.  I like to take photographs of my meal and memorable food moments.  Food is fun! It’s a culinary triumph when I add onions and grape tomatoes to a couscous mix. Cheese and crackers always make such a pretty spread. I taught my […]