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Monthly Archives : October, 2010

Spooky Scary

Happy Halloween 2010! We started celebrating on Saturday night, Halloween Eve.  I dressed as an 80s Prom Queen and Jared was a Scarecrow. Pumpkins protesting?!? We headed to the Cambridge Brewing Company for their Great Pumpkin Festival.  32 pumpkin ales on tap!  (In Chik-fil-A style, the pumpkins were protesting all of the gourd consumption.) There […]

$20 Kind of Day

I love when  my bill at a restaurant or store results in an even amount.  Yesterday was a $20 kind of day. I spent exactly $20 at CVS and exactly $20 at the Copley Square Farmers Market. For $20 even at CVS (after cashing in some Extra Care bucks), I purchased: Contact solution Face paint […]

Italian Feast Day

Today I chowed down like I was at an Italian feast.  Pizza, pasta, red sauce… I had 2 slices of apple banana bread for breakfast.  Maybe not Italian, but I have one loaf left and it needs to be eaten. What’s up now?!?!  Since I was stuck inside studying nutrition, I decided to do a […]

Study Buddy

I woke up this morning, determined to document every single bite of food I ate today.  But I after I burnt out from studying all afternoon, that plan went out the window.  So here’s 75% of what I ate today! (And I can’t blog about exercise because there just wasn’t time!) I ate two three […]

Doctor doctor, Gimme the News!

Monday was an appointment filled day: doctor first, followed by a trip to the dentist. I loathe going to the doctor’s.  I’m terrified of needles.  I once became light headed from a finger prick test.  I become weirded out and squirmy as soon as I sit down in the waiting room.  Going to the doctor’s […]

Costume Contest

I had a blog post in mind.  I spent all day making mental notes about what I wanted to write about: 5K Monday, doctor and dentist appointments, arts and crafts… Well all that went out the window when I started trying on Halloween costumes. My original plan was to dress in a variety of black […]

Steinfest II: All Saint’s Day

Our steins were cleaned and ready to be filled with beer. Hurray for Steinfest II!!! Jared called the party Steinfest II: All Saint’s Day, copying the tagline from Boondock Saints II.  The original Steinfest was such a success that we were a little bit nervous that we wouldn’t be able to live up to last […]

Almost Party Time…Prost!

A party with 4 different types of bratwurst and a huge bag of sauerkraut?!?! Only at Steinfest! It’s time 2nd time Jared and I have hosted Steinfest.  We have a keg, a 2.5 hour playlist of German drinking songs, the brats and kraut…  And steins!  Because you’re not allowed to attend Steinfest unless you drink […]

Gone to the Dogs

I’ve been dogsitting since Tuesday.  So on Tuesday and again today, I took my dog along with the fur-baby I was watching to my parents’ house to play with their dog in the fenced in backyard. Oh the doggy drama that ensued! The Suspects: Name: Natasha Breed: Siberian Husky Age: 12 Strengths: Baby blue eyes, […]

Winner Chicken Dinner

You may not believe what I’m about to say. But I swear it’s true. I created my own recipe for dinner tonight! Ok, so it may not be culinary genius.  Ok, so maybe it’s been done before and I just hadn’t heard of it.  But when I was in the grocery store grabbing ingredients, it […]