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Monthly Archives : June, 2010

My Way

Thanks for the feedback on my last post.  Some of you like to work out in the morning, others later on in the day.  And almost all of you agreed that I should just do things my way.  Whatever works for me!  And the pm workouts are going well so far! And since marathon training [...]

No New Tricks for this Old Dog

At 26, I don’t feel old.  I look pretty good and feel great.  Age is just a number! But yesterday while I was thinking about why I can’t motivate myself to work out first thing in the morning, I realized that I’m an old dog!  In all of my 26 years, I have never ever [...]

Trattoria Romana

Since both my brother and I were at home last night, my entire family decided to go out to dinner for a belated Father’s Day celebration. We went to Trattoria Romana in Lincoln, RI. I ordered a bottle of Montepulciano (Italian red wine) for my family to share.  We had a nice toast and everyone [...]

Scarborough Beach

Even though I quit gymnastics over 12 years ago, I’ve still remained close with my best gymnastics friend Jen.  We spent a Girls’ Day at the beach on Saturday afternoon.  We went to Scarborough Beach in Narragansett, RI. I ate my 6″ turkey sub and Sunchips as soon as we set up our towels.  My [...]


I woke up yesterday morning with one thought in my head: Pool! I ate some yogurt for breakfast, cleaned, packed, and then Miles and I hit the rode.  I drove straight to my aunt and uncle’s house to spend the afternoon hanging out by the pool. I was all by myself and didn’t have a [...]

Growing Like a Weed

I can’t believe how quickly my vegetable garden is growing.  I leave for a few hours and when I return, the plants look at least 1/2″ taller.  It’s amazing! And speaking of growing, my cousin Jenna is growing up so fast!  She just turned 15, but I can still remember when she was born.  I [...]

My Friday

Wednesdays are my Friday.  I woke up knowing I only had to make it through 6 hours of work before I could start my 3 day weekend.  So exciting that every weekend will be a 3 day weekend.  Thursday-Saturday with nothing to do! I had a delicious breakfast.  I added fresh strawberries to strawberry Chobani.  [...]

Stuck in a Tough Situation

Just like Miles, I got stuck in a rough situation. But unlike Miles, I wasn’t stuck hanging off of the side of the couch.  My rough situation occurred when I tried to go for a run this morning.  I headed out to destroy 3 miles.  And it almost got the best of me! I enjoyed [...]

Hug a Puppy

When you’re feeling down and out, hug a puppy. Meet Weber, my friends’ new addition to their family. One kiss from Weber and last night’s Sunday Night Blues disappeared. And some late night shish kabobs helped cheer me up too. I was really down and out last night because I realized that I can’t cheer [...]

Happy Father’s Day!

Dear  Dad, To my favorite amateur photographer: I learned from you and enjoy snapping random photographs.  Seen any interesting wildlife around the yard lately?  Happy Father’s Day!!! Love, ~Melissa~