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Monthly Archives : January, 2010

When the Moon Hits Your Eye…

…Like a Big Pizza Pie! After a quick lunch of mac and cheese, Jared went to a business meeting and I worked on further rest and relaxation. We were both hungry for dinner at a much earlier time than usual.  We ordered a pizza from Upper Crust.  There’s a location a few blocks from our [...]

Pass the Salsa

Matt and Natalie have a gorgeous new home in South Boston!  We spent some time there having appetizers and drinks with friends before our large group headed down the street to Salsa’s. We all chowed down on chips, salsa, and guac.  So good, and pretty spicy too! I ordered chicken quesadillas, but was so full [...]

Sleepy Saturday

Even after so many hours of sleep, I wanted a nice cup of coffee to help me get going. I cleaned the apartment.  Then I did a 10 minute facial.  And what a better way to wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry than by doing a Core Fusion workout.  I did glutes again [...]

Sleep It Off

I was in bed by 10:30 and slept passed out until 10:30 this morning.  I still have a stuffy nose but the aches and pains are gone.  Yessss! With temperatures in the single digits here in Boston, a warm breakfast in order: 1 cup of water 1/2 cup of oatmeal 1 tablespoon of brown sugar [...]


First my nose, and now my stomach. I had a repeat wrap for lunch with sweet honey mustard, melted cheddar cheese, and green apples. I had a ton of work to do today AND I was feeling crappy so I dressed for comfort:  purple plaid button down, cozy sweater, my oldest and dirtiest pair of [...]


“This one time I fit five dollars up my butt and, not to brag or nothing, but I bet I could fit way more up there. Way more! Easy!” -Chad Linus in 2gether Anyone remember the movie 2gether that was on MTV back in the day?!? U + Me = Us!  I know my calculus! [...]

Mac and Cheese Please

As I was heading to the gym, I noticed it had started to snow.  This view is from the 2nd floor of my office building.  See how far my workout commute is?!?! Since I wasn’t feeling 100% and I had already done a Body Pump workout, I took it easy.  I stretched and used the [...]

Body Pumpin’

I set my alarm for 5:15 am so I could snooze twice before I absolutely HAD to get up and get out the door for the 6 am Body Pump class at the back Bay HealthWorks. I said hi to Patricia and started setting up my mat, weights, and bench.  Looked to my right and [...]

Just My Imagination

I had to use my imagination a few times today.  It started when I packed my lunch for work and chose from the random items hanging around in my fridge. I spread honey mustard on a tortilla, added cheddar cheese and a sliced green apple, and threw it in the toaster oven for a few [...]

Safe Plan to Tan

As predicted, I did have a frozen treat last night.  A small bowl of Coconut Bliss “Mint Galactica” frozen dessert. I had a bowl of Special K with Red Berries for breakfast this morning.  My gut feeling is that I should’ve checked the date on the milk.  Uh oh.  Maybe I’m better just not knowing.  [...]