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Whittle My Middle

Better late than never!  I’m officially joining Angela’s Whittle My Middle in 30 Days Challenge.

The challenge began November 11 and goes until December 9.  I missed the first 9 days, but I’m still going to work my hardest for the remaining 21 days.  3 weeks is enough time to make a difference in my true waist, hip, and butt measurements.

Here are my before photos:



As soon as I find a tape measure in this messy apartment, I’ll add my measurements!

The challenge calls for 6 minutes of core work every day!  Wish me luck getting stronger and leaner.  (I might add lunges and squats and make it a 10 minute/day workout cuz my bum is getting flattened from sitting at work all day!)

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  1. 1.  Meg @ Be Fit Be Full

    November 20th, 2009 01:20 PM

    You have nothing to whittle away! You have a six pack. So jealous :)

  2. 2.  melissa

    November 20th, 2009 01:25 PM

    Thanks Meg! But I still think the challenge will be good because I’m always slacking with strength training. This will force me to focus on my core…and maybe get rid of some of the tightness in my right lower back. (And the six pack needs to stick around for next summer when I’m back in a bathing suit, haha)

  3. 3.  tra

    November 20th, 2009 01:44 PM

    damn girl. i want your abs.

  4. 4.  MelissaNibbles

    November 20th, 2009 01:56 PM

    Wow! What do you do for a regular ab work? Your abs are amazing!

  5. 5.  chocolatepickle

    November 20th, 2009 02:07 PM

    I don’t think you could GET any leaner!

  6. 6.  The Candid RD

    November 20th, 2009 02:29 PM

    Yeah! Great challenge! I love the name :) Good luck! We’re rooting you on.

  7. 7.  Corinne @ Green Grapes Blog

    November 20th, 2009 02:42 PM

    Melissa! I don’t think you have anything to whittle! But–there is nothing like getting stronger! Good luck:)

  8. 8.  Amanda

    November 20th, 2009 02:42 PM

    Wow! I want my after photos to look that good!! Jealous! :)

  9. 9.  Shelley Leeman

    November 20th, 2009 04:13 PM

    sweetie i don’t think you have anything to whittle haha but good luck


  10. 10.  Erin

    November 22nd, 2009 01:51 PM

    Holy six pack!! Girl, I think there are WAY more crunches than cupcakes going on here. You rock!

  11. 11.  Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers

    November 23rd, 2009 10:44 AM

    ow ow hot stuff!

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