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Monthly Archives : October, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope your Halloween is filled with a few tricks and even more treats! I forgot my camera’s USB cable at work so I can’t post any pictures from last night’s meal of BBQ chicken and baked potatoes.  But I’ll use Jared’s camera for the rest of the weekend so I an capture any ghosts and […]

Graduation Celebration – Part 3

I celebrated earning my Master of Science in Administrative Studies in mid-May when I participated in Boston College’s Commencement exercises. Then I celebrated my degree when I finished my final grad class at the end of June. Now it’s October 30 and I am celebrating for the 3rd and final time.  My VP contacted the […]


My latest article for Examiner.com is focused on keeping yourself healthy as part of your cardio program.  So what should you know about vitamins? Vitamins Overview Eat a healthy diet.  A multivitamin is not as important or helpful to your body as good, healthy patterns of eating. Choose a daily multivitamin as extra insurance. Consider […]

Tricks and Treats

Still Thursday… I began my workout with my strength training circuit so I wouldn’t have any excuses to cut it short.  I modified the original plans to fit my mood and to target areas that had been bothering me lately.   For example, due to typical girl bloating, I wanted to do some ab work.  Here […]

Haunted Gingerbread House

Last night, I dedicated a large portion of my time to decorating my Halloween-themed gingerbread house.  I accidentally added too much water to the icing so it was too runny.  I had a hard time preventing it from dripping down the front of the house.  Eventually, I just went nuts and drizzled orange and purple […]

Forgot to Floss? (Divine Caroline)

I read this article on Divine Caroline and thought it was really informative.  My mom is a dental hygienist and she is always trying to convince people that it is very important to floss daily! (My Mommy and her Pearly Whites!) Forgot to Floss? It Hurts More Than the Mouth By: Vicki Santillano Our mouths are […]

Hello, Cupcake!

Lunch was a turkey sandwich that Jared kindly prepared while I was doing my makeup. My meeting did NOT go well.  Boooo to the Woods School.  But at least a few candy pumpkins made me feel better. I crunched on some baby carrots. I had to install Office 2007 so while my computer was hard […]

Recovering and Recapping

After shedding a few tears of frustration and attending the Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out event, I am starting to get over my bad mood from yesterday.  I have a meeting at 10:15 to discuss whether or not I need to take the prerequisite undergrad computer course before I can get a diploma.  Thanks for the […]

Terrible, Horrible

No Good, VERY BAD news… Just found out that even though I walked at Commencement in May and finished my MS requirements in June, I haven’t really earned my diploma.  BC seems to think I need to take an undergrad computer course before I can earn my Master of Science degree.  SOOOOOOOO  angry! It’s been […]

FitBloggin 2010

Anyone planning on attending FitBloggin? It’s being held on March 20, 2010 in Baltimore, MD.  I haven’t signed up quite yet but I’m planning on it.  (Early Birds:  It’s only $75 for the conference if you register before Halloween!) And in honor on Halloween… A shot of the Haunted Mansion and the Liberty Belle from […]