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Monthly Archives : September, 2009

Great Eight

I wasn’t too hungry after my workout but I knew that I needed something to eat. I decided to try a Greens Plus bar. Wow, that’s a lot of information and A LOT of healthy ingredients. I LOVED this bar. The tangy berry flavor was awesome and the yogurt coating was perfect. I liked the […]

1st Day of School

I was really nervous to go to HealthWorks for the first time. I’m such a dork! It felt like the first day of school. I had my gym clothes packed and I was so nervous but excited at the same time. I tried to pack better foods to eat at work. I snacked on the […]

PB & Oats

All of the big-time bloggers use nearly empty jars of peanut butter as bowls for their oatmeal. I decided to make a small portion of stove top oats and give it a try. My mix included: 1/2 cup oatmeal (uncooked) 1/2 banana Maple Syrup Sprinkle of Cinnamon I was much happier cutting the serving size […]

Biggest Loser

I NEEDED a quick snack before I headed out to the Madewell Fall Denim Tour. A bowl of Wheat Thins did the trick and I was out the door. After the event I met Jared at Trader Joe’s for a quick grocery shopping. We had a lot leftover from our big trip to Shaws last […]

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Raisin bran for breakfast because I was tired, lacking coffee, and not in the mood to create anything good. I promise I’ll eat something fun tomorrow! If my dog Miles had a blog, he’d post this picture twice a day. Poor Miles eats 1 cup of Purina kibbles every morning and evening. He gets treats […]

Clothes Horse

I love shopping! Possibly even more than I love good food and working out. Ok, not possibly, definitely. If I had to choose between a designer handbag and grocery shopping, I would totally be carrying that new bag. In Paris! Shopping dream come true….even though I didn’t end up buying the coveted Louis Vuitton bag! […]

Lower Back Attack

This was a late night snack last night. Spinach and Artichoke hummus, cucumbers, red peppers, lettuce, and good old American cheese. It was refreshing to eat so many veggies before heading to bed. I had an early morning doctor’s appointment in RI so I ate breakfast in the car. I am FINALLY dealing with my […]

Bills Bar

I used my self-timer for the first time ever! Stretching out before going for my run. Ok, so I haven’t totally figured out the art of self-timer portraits. It was a little bit muggy and misty, but the running conditions weren’t that bad. We ran 3.6 miles at an average pace of 8 minutes, 22 […]

Start Your Engines

Jared brewed our new Pecan Rum coffee. It made the whole apartment smell yummy. When I went outside with the dog, I found the world’s tiniest snail crawling on our deck. Aww! Look at the little guy! I made French Toast for breakfast. I mixed 1 egg, milk, and a bit of cinnamon together, and […]

Picture Perfect Day

Jared was in charge of making lunch while I was getting ready to go. He prepared turkey sandwiches with Wheat Thins, baby carrots, and apple slices. We walked from the South End to the waterfront. It was such a nice day. I felt bad that we were heading inside but for desserts, I made the […]