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6 months later…

We made it! Six months happily married.

We Moved

Jared and I moved to a new apartment! It’s taken a lot of work to go from this to a cozy, unpacked, decorated place to live.

(At least the construction was done and the major mess had been cleaned up before we moved in!)

Engagement Party at Tiffany & Co.

In early December, I was invited to an Engagement Party at the Tiffany store in Boston’s Copley Place. (Oh no! I’m a month overdo on this blog post. Apologies to my friends at Tiffany & Co. !!!)

I’d been away from the blogger scene for quite some time so it was wonderful to run into so many old friends. Especially because we were all there to celebrate the sparkling legacy of the Tiffany Engagement Ring! The event guests were treated to snacks and champagne while browsing the store. There were lots of friendly staff members on hand to answer questions, and to let everyone play dress up with the pretty pieces of jewelry.

Long before Jared and I talked seriously about getting engaged, I dreamt of a proposal with a flashy ring tucked into that legendary blue box. My actual engagement ring wasn’t purchased at Tiffany’s so it was fun to live out my engagement ring fantasies. Only for a few minutes before I had to hand the diamonds back!

Look at how lovely Tiffany’s Rubedo collection is! This warm blend of metals look gorgeous on its own in ring or cuff bracelet form, but I especially love it when paired with Tiffany silver.

All of the event attendees were lucky enough to walk away with a little blue box tied with a white bow. Tiffany & Co., thank you for the wonderful evening and for the bar pendant in Rubedo metal!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hello 2013!!!

We’re so excited for the year ahead. 2012 was the Year of the Wedding. 2013 is going to be the Year of the Newlyweds.

Looking Ahead to 2013

As I’m saying goodbye to a wonderful 2012, I can’t help but look ahead to 2013. It’s fun to make resolutions, goals, and predictions as a new year begins. And it’s even more fun to revisit those musings when the year is over and see how life actually panned out.

Jared and I both turn 30 in 2013. He’s first, February 21st, and I follow on September 21st. He wants to lose 20 pounds (eek!) while I simply aspire to exercise on a more regular basis.

We’re moving back to Boston in a week or two so early 2013 will be dedicated to setting up a cozy new home for our little family.

Though nothing is set in stone, I think that a few travels are on the 2013 agenda. Jared would love to visit Napa, and I’m itching to go anywhere in Europe. Maybe we’ll visit family in Hawaii? I know we’ll spend time Charleston in the fall when my cousin begins college!

2012: the Year in Review

2012 was a REALLY big year. One that will stand out in my mind for the rest of my life!

In August 2012, I married my best friend and we began our Happily Ever After together with an epic honeymoon in Thailand. Upon our return, I started a brand new job in educational publishing and began the career path I’ve been dreaming of since graduating college.

The Wedding, Honeymoon, and New Job were my highlights of 2012, but I have so many smaller memories that contributed to my fantastic year:

  • Visiting Dahlonega, Georgia and wine tasting in the GA mountains
  • Daily laughter at my corgi’s crazy antics
  • Singing the blues for yet another Briggs Farm Blues Festival
  • Wedding planning, all day and every day!
  • 2 bridal showers, one in Rochester, NY and one much closer to home in my parents’ backyard
  • Bachelorette Party with my favorite ladies in my life
  • Lazy summer afternoons at the pool with my family (and relaxing nights drinking by the fire!)
  • Delicious meals and great wine
  • Enjoying life in the Big Easy during a weekend in New Orleans
  • Continuing the family tradition of a fall wine tasting in the Finger Lakes
  • N-Y-C
  • 2nd honeymoon in Disney World, my favorite place to be
  • the humbling and humeros experience of living with my parents
  • Long commutes to and from the office with my new husband
  • Dinner dates at our favorite sushi restaurant
  • Planning a lifetime of love and adventure!

Long Winter’s Nap

Waking my blog up from a long winter’s nap… But wishing I could keep sleeping and dreaming!


My first trip to New Orleans, and I already know that I love NOLA….

I loved New Orleans because of the artists that were set up in Jackson Square…

the architecture…

the history…

the nightlife… Though Bourbon Street wasn’t really my scene. I don’t need boobs or beads or┬áraucous┬ástrip clubs. I’d prefer some Sweet Tea vodka and a relaxing lounge.

a Segway Tour around the French Quarter…

a metal cornstalk fence… How quirky!

And I especially loved New Orleans for its music! Musicians on every street corner and performing in restaurants and clubs that created a festive atmosphere throughout the city.

What I Wore: 2 Days of Style

What I Wore… Because it was Date Night

  • When: November ???
  • Where: Date Night at a local Italian restaurant
  • What: Blue gingham button down (J. Crew outlet), red cardigan (Eddie Bauer), denim leggings (Madewell), boots (Madewell), orange bag (Linea Pelle)

What I Wore… Happy Thanksgiving!

  • When: Thursday, November 22nd
  • Where: Thanksgiving lunch with the fam
  • What: Flannel button down (J. Crew outlet), down vest (Eddie Bauer), denim leggings (Madewell), boots (Vintage brand c/o Shoeline.com)

I Love Corgis